Solve challenging, yet rewarding puzzles, listen to relaxing music and immerse yourself in a beautiful world of Hexologic!


Dynamic arcade game, set in a neon universe full of fractals and translations!
Boost your memory, develop new skills and beat the scores to become a master of Trancelation!

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Parenting Hero

Created in cooperation with Joanna Faber and Julie King, authors of
"How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen: A Survival Guide to Life with Children Ages 2-7"

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to MythicOwl

MythicOwl is a young company that aims to create mobile games which don’t waste the player’s time. We want our products to improve the skills and knowledge of the users.

I strongly believe education is the key to the future. Our games combine the development of skills with entertainment.

Tomasz Mularczyk - CEO
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MythicOwl is dedicated to creating quality games which allow you to improve your abilities.

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Our team consists purely of people who are passionate about education and gaming. We love to experiment and are very eager to try out new forms. Our games need to be polished in every detail.

  • Maja Bartosiewicz
    Education Director

    I love finding new paths, both in the field of education as well as during the mountain trekking. I have degrees in Education and Public Health. My professional interests include psychology and psychosomatics. I like sculpting, painting and I’m married to Łukasz and we have a wonderful son, Szymek.

  • Justyna Kokosa
    Executive Assistant

    I have university degrees in International Relations and Law. I have been working as an assistant in medical software company, Medicalgorithmics since its early days. I’ve been responsible for both legal and administrative tasks related i.e. to the IPO or the Polish Stock Exchange (GPW). I’m very interested in music and singing and I’m improving my vocal skills in the Kasia Orczyk Music.

  • Piotr Korgul
    Game Designer & Developer

    I have coded my first game when I was 13 and it turns out I’m still creating games today. Apart from work I’m also actively developing the Scientific Society of Game Developers “Polygon”. I like photography, lakes and discussions about art.

  • Tomasz Mularczyk

    The CEO and founder of the company is Tomasz Mularczyk who has been developing a publicly traded company Medicalgorithmics as its board member and CTO since it was a small start-up. Earlier he has worked as a game programmer. He is a very happy husband and a father of three.

  • Katarzyna Struczyńska
    Graphic Designer

    I’m a graphic designer with a few years of experience. I’ve been working on board games as well as creating illustrations for Internet magazine. Since 2013 I’m drawing comic book art “Tata Wilkolak”. My portfolio – katarzynastruczynska.pl. Apart from graphics I’m also passionate about writing icons and handicraft (please visit artrzeczy.pl).

Discover our strengths, skills, and abilities
  • improvement

    We love to develop new skills ourselves, so we are very happy to create products which allow players to improve.

  • passion

    Gaming is our passion. We are really putting our hearts into polishing every detail.

  • experience

    The team consists both of the industry veterans as well as hardened indie developers

  • experiments

    We are using the most advanced techniques for game mechanics, programming and education.

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