Our team consists purely of people who are passionate about education and gaming. We love to experiment and are very eager to try out new forms. Our games need to be polished in every detail.

  • Maja Bartosiewicz
    Education Director

    I love finding new paths, both in the field of education as well as during the mountain trekking. I have degrees in Education and Public Health. In MythicOwl, I am responsible for pedagogycal content. My professional interests include psychology and dietics. I like spending time outside with nature and I am a happy mom & wife.

  • Tomasz Mularczyk

    The CEO and founder of the company is Tomasz Mularczyk who has been developing a publicly traded company Medicalgorythmics as its board member and CTO since it was a small start-up. Earlier he has worked as a game programmer. He is a very happy husband and a father of three.

  • Baltazar Jaworek
    Project Manager & Lead Designer

    A hearty skeptic, who spent happy younghood among trees and flowers. Educated in visual arts, passionate to share and create. Strictly focused on every aspect of game development and substantive quality of it.

  • Michał Kamiński
    Marketing Manager

    I do marketing, PR and everything to get people interested in our games. Before deep diving into gaming, I worked with tech clients in media agencies for over 6 years. It wasn’t as exciting as having direct impact on a game promotion and of course, chasing the devs for promo assets!

Discover our strengths, skills, and abilities
  • improvement

    We love to develop new skills ourselves, so we are very happy to create products which allow players to improve.

  • passion

    Gaming is our passion. We are really putting our hearts into polishing every detail.

  • experience

    The team consists both of the industry veterans as well as hardened indie developers

  • experiments

    We are using the most advanced techniques for game mechanics, programming and education.

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